Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Manny!

How fitting is it that one of the best episodes of the season was the one where the family celebrated Manny’s birthday! 

It takes Manny turning a year older for him to realize that he has missed out on his childhood.  So he takes this day to do all the things kids do: mix different sodas together, play on a skateboard, and float around in the pool. It just looks awkward when he does these childish things; he’s such an old soul. He gets mad when Jay calls him a man. He just wants to be a boy today.  Of course he realizes in the end that his old man ways are just fine, and, judging by the way the adults act, he has plenty of time to be a kid later. That’s fine by me; I need Manny to stay the same.

Meanwhile Mitch and Cam are walking to the restaurant to meet the family, but Cam is getting distracted along the way: he stops for a free lotion sample and then tries to help an old couple reconnect (turns out they’re cheating lovers!). Mitch is getting irritated about being late. I didn’t understand why he cared so much until they made there way to the promenade and he performed a flash-mob dance number with about 50 other people.  It was so unexpected! Watching straight-laced Mitch do this ridiculously choreographed dance was hilarious. Cam’s reaction to this dance was ridiculous. I don’t get why he was so upset.  I think Cam just wants to be in the center of attention, and he didn’t like seeing Mitch let loose without him.  Saying that Mitch “cheated” on him was a bit over the top. Especially when Cam is always complaining that Mitch doesn’t know how to have fun.  Honestly, had Cam known the moves to the dance he wouldn’t have felt so bad. But that’s Cam for you. Regardless of Cam's attitude, I absolutely loved this storyline.

Other highlights are Gloria’s use of the BB gun to get her way (she knows her way around a gun; don’t mess with this woman!) and Phil’s breakdown in the car after finding out his kids don’t want to go to Family Camp (was that really a surprise?).

I truly enjoyed this episode. I haven’t laughed so hard in a while. The plot was not predictable and that’s what made it special. I really hope the writers keep this up.

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