Friday, October 22, 2010

Desperate Times...

This week the families all dealt with typical issues: an annoying dog next door, too much technology ruining family time, and the anxiety of getting your kid into preschool.

Gloria s fed up with the constant barking of the dog next door. She confronts her neighbor and tells him he needs to do something about his annoying dog.  The next day the dog turns up missing, so of course the neighbor suspects that Gloria had something to do with it….so do Manny and Jay.  Apparently this wouldn’t be the first time that Gloria hurt an animal (according to Jay she has a “high comfort level” when it comes to killing).  Best part of this storyline is when Jay goes to Manny to see what he thinks about the possibility of Gloria hurting the dog. Manny is sipping on his 5th cup of espresso (pinky out) while reading Hemingway.  Manny always cracks me up. I know that has almost nothing to do with the plot, but I love Manny’s old man mannerisms. Anyways it turns out Gloria didn’t kill the dog, she just stole it and gave it to her hairdresser’s brother’s kids in the country. As bad as this may sound, I think it would have been funnier if Gloria had killed the dog.  Her giving the dog away was anti-climatic, especially since the writers kept building her up to be this crazy woman.  I'm not condoning animal cruelty, but I just felt like this needed a better ending. 

Annoyed by how dependent her family has become on their personal technology, Claire forces the family to go a week without cell phones, iPads, laptops, videogames etc.  I’m not going to lie, I would die if my mother had said something like that to me. Teens need their cell phones and computers, there’s just no way around that.  The kid’s reactions were pretty accurate. It was like their world came to an end. Phil then has the bright idea to make it into a game: whoever stays off the electronics the longest wins.  Alex wants a new computer, Luke wants a chicken, and Haley wants a car. Phil stupidly agrees to all of this. Honestly, no matter what my parents promised me I would probably cheat.  This family is no different: Luke and Alex quickly drop out, and even Claire can’t stay off the computer. I thought it was hilarious that Alex had to use encyclopedias to write her report. Who has those anymore?  Anyway, Haley schemes her way to victory.  There’s just one problem—her parents don’t have the money to get her a car.  Um, duh!! I don’t know why this surprised Haley. I mean she lives with these people; she had to know that a car wasn’t really possible.  I know the girl is dense, but sometimes the writers take it too far.

Cam and Mitch discover that Lily is the only kid in her circle of friends who hasn’t enrolled in preschool. *Gasp* So naturally they do what all first time parents do: they freak out.  They scramble to get an interview at Wagon Wheel, the school where Claire’s kids went.  But then they find out that because they’re the gay adopted parents of an Asian kid, they’re even more desirable to schools.  So they decide to pass up Wagon Wheel and try their luck at the hoighty-toighty “Harvard of preschools.”  It seems like they’re in, until….in walks a disabled interracial lesbians with an African kid.  Clearly some tough competition here!  Trying to even the playing field, Cam claims to be 1/16 Cherokee during the interview and starts talking like a stereotypical Native American. The accent is horrible! Needless to say they don’t get in.  Cam is truly crazy for thinking that his little Cherokee angle was going to help them.  I know desperate times call for desperate measures, but I could really have done without the racist comments.  It was a little much.

I like how Modern Family takes the simplest of issues and makes them into funny storylines. Basically everyone in this episode did the wrong things for the right reasons.  It definitely was realistic, and for the most part, it was funny. The endings just needed a little work.  

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