Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lies and Earthquakes

Family members show their true colors when an earthquake hits...and it's not pretty.

Mitchell and Cam use the earthquake as an excuse to get out of going to their friend Pepper’s (played by Nathan Lane) ridiculous costume party.  Even when they do try to admit that they just didn’t want to go, they revert back to lying.  I'm not sure why they wouldn’t just come out with the truth.  You expect me to believe that these two men would rather tear their house apart than tell Pepper that they aren't interested in his weird parties? I'm not buying it! Pepper was just annoying and gave no reason as to why Mitch and Cam should spare his feelings.This really just seemed like a poor attempt to get Mitch and Cam to dress up like fools. 

Meanwhile, during the earthquake, a bookcase almost falls on Luke because Phil never got around to anchoring it to the wall...even though he told Claire he did (no suprise there). Phil doesn’t want Claire to know, so he keeps her locked in the bathroom while he anchors the bookcase AND pulls Alex in to cover up his lies. Great parenting on his part.

Against Gloria’s wishes, Jay goes golfing instead of going tochurch.  Even after the drama of the earthquake, Jay is determined to hit the green.  Unbelievably, the ever so spiritual Manny decides to go with him (even more unbelievable is the fact that Gloria allows this to happen).  On the golf course Manny starts asking Jay all types of questions about what heaven is like (he’s clearly shaken by the earthquake). Clearly, Jay is the last person Manny should be asking: it’s obvious Jay is just making the stuff up as he goes, and it all just upsets Manny who starts hyperventilating and saying things like “you’re playing pretty fast and loose with my soul.”  I love this kid's lines.

Honestly, this episode had a few funny moments (mostly because Manny is funny), but this week the show just wasn’t up to par.  The family just looked like a bunch of liars, and it wasn’t attractive or even that comical.  Hopefully, next week we'll see the family in a better, funnier light.

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